Reviewing a decision

Reporting entities can apply for a review of certain decisions made by the Payment Times Reporting Regulator. 

Applying for a reconsideration

Reporting entities can apply for a reconsideration of decisions made by the Regulator:

  • to approve an entity ceasing to be a reporting entity
  • to grant additional time to report
  • to publish the identity of an entity and the details of its non-compliance.

These decisions will be reviewed if the entity applies for a reconsideration of a decision. The application must explain why the decision should be reconsidered. The application must be provided to the Regulator within 14 days of the entity receiving the Regulator’s written notice of their decision.

After receiving the application, the Regulator must:

  • personally reconsider the decision, or
  • assign it to a reviewer who was not involved in making the decision for consideration.

The person that reviews the decision is referred to as the ‘internal decision reviewer’.

An entity may also make an application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a review of a reconsideration decision by an internal decision reviewer. It will not review the original decision.

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