Reviewing a decision

Reporting entities can apply for a review of certain decisions made by the Payment Times Reporting Regulator. Find out which decisions are reviewable and how to apply.

Reviewable decisions

If you're affected by a reviewable decision made by the Regulator, you can apply for an internal review (reconsideration) of the decision. The following are reviewable decisions: 

  • a decision that an entity has not ceased to be a reporting entity
  • a decision not to allow further time to report
  • a decision to publish the identity of an entity or details of non-compliance.

Applying for reconsideration

You must apply in writing for reconsideration of a reviewable decision within 14 days of receiving the Regulator’s decision. You’ll need to set out the reasons for seeking reconsideration of the decision in your application.

The easiest way to apply for reconsideration of a reviewable decision is via the Payment Times Reporting Portal. There’s no application fee involved.

Reconsideration of the decision

After we receive your application for reconsideration of a reviewable decision, either the Regulator or a delegate of the Regulator who was not involved in the original decision will review it.

We’ll provide notice of the review decision in writing, including the date it takes effect and the reasons for the decision. If you don’t get notice within 90 days of applying, the original decision is deemed to have been affirmed.

Independent review

Our decisions may be reviewable by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). You’ll need to apply to the AAT in writing, usually within 28 days of receiving the decision that you want the AAT to review. You may need to pay an application fee.

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