Payment Times Reporting Portal

The Payment Times Reporting Portal is where reporting entities submit payment times reports. Find out about the portal and how to access it.

Reporting through the portal

Businesses report on their payment times and terms for small business suppliers through the Payment Times Reporting Portal

To submit a payment times report, they:

  • fill in a template with their payment times information
  • complete a declaration by someone authorised to approve the report
  • upload these files and any other relevant information to the portal.

We publish payment times reports on the Payment Times Reports Register. The register is publicly available and free to use.

Portal registration

Before they can submit reports, businesses need to register their business details by creating a profile in the portal. This process is a self-assessment and registers their details only.

It’s the business’s responsibility to determine whether they have reporting obligations under the scheme.

Small Business Identification Tool

The Small Business Identification (SBI) Tool helps large businesses identify which suppliers to report on. The tool is available to reporting businesses through the Payment Times Reporting Portal.

If a small business doesn't want to be included in the SBI Tool, they can opt out of the tool by registering and updating their details in the portal. Creating a profile in the portal allows small businesses to opt out and opt in to the scheme at any time. If they opt out, large businesses won’t report on payment times and terms to that business.

Learn how to use the SBI Tool to identify small business suppliers.

Volunteer reporting

Businesses that aren't required to report can still volunteer to report under the Payment Times Reporting Scheme. To volunteer a business needs to log in to the portal and register their business details.

Find out more about volunteer reporting entities.

Reporting Portal troubleshooting

Occasionally reporting entities experience issues with logging into the reporting portal or undertaking some activities. There are a range of troubleshooting options such as clearing the cache that may assist.

Find troubleshooting information for the reporting portal.

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