About the Register

Payment times reports are published to the Payment Times Reports Register. The register displays information on a reporting entity’s payments to small businesses, including average payment terms and payment times.

Anyone can use the Payment Times Reports Register

Under the Payment Times Reporting Act 2020 the Regulator must:

  • register all payment times reports
  • maintain a register of payment times reports on the Payment Times Reports Register 
  • make the register available for public inspection, without charge, on the internet. 

The register does not require an account or log in to access. 

Businesses listed on the register

Only certain businesses (called reporting entities) that earn above certain income thresholds are required to submit payment times reports. Reporting entities are mostly large businesses and some government enterprises. 

The register will not include reports from:

  • small businesses
  • charities
  • not for profits
  • some foreign companies, joint ventures, trusts and other entities.

For more information on reporting entities, read the who must report page

Register information

The register is based on payment times reports supplied by reporting entities.

Information within a payment times report includes:

  • contract payment periods (in calendar days) offered by reporting entities to their small business suppliers
  • payment times reported (as percentage of total number of invoices paid)
  • payment times reported (as percentage of total value of invoices paid)
  • small business procurement (reported as percentage of total value of procurement)
  • supply chain finance arrangements
  • comments a reporting entity may include in their report about their payment practices.

Payment times reports are published as received from reporting entities. In some cases, the Regulator will remove information that’s not in the public interest before publishing a report.

The Regulator may not publish some information in payment times reports because it doesn’t relate to payment terms or performance. For example, contact details of the individual submitting a report is collected for administrative purposes, but these details are not published. 

The Regulator's Privacy policy has information on what is and isn't published in the register. 

Business rankings and performance

Business rankings or assessments of payment performance is not included in the register.

Register updates 

Information in the register is updated regularly, with reporting entities required to submit a report twice a year. 

In peak reporting periods, usually September and March each year, the Regulator receives a large number of reports. At these times publication of reports may be delayed to enable a large release of reports from the same reporting period.

The Regulator will indicate a large number of reports have been published through an update in the News section

Register feedback

The Regulator values feedback on the register. Feedback can be provided through the feedback and enquiry form

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