Helping small business

Small business owners can access publicly available information about a large business's payment terms and payment times.

Australian small businesses employ almost half of the Australian workforce. Reducing long and late payment times to small business can help improve their cash flow and boost employment and wages.

The Payment Times Reporting Scheme aims to improve payment times for Australian small businesses. It creates transparency on how and when large businesses pay their small business suppliers.

Under the scheme, large businesses and some government enterprises (known as reporting entities) must report every month 6 months on their payment times and terms to small businesses. These reports include information on standard payment terms, actual payment times, and the use of supply chain finance arrangements. 

The Payment Times Reporting Small Business Identification Tool identifies which suppliers are considered to be a small business for a payment times report. Visit the Opting out page for information on how a small business can opt out of the tool. 

View payment times reports

Payments times reports are published to the public Payment Times Reports Register.

Any small business owner can use the register to find information on a reporting entity’s payment practices to small business, including average payment terms and payment times. The register is free to access and does not require an account or log in. 

Learn about the register and visit the how to use the register page for tips on how to use the dashboard and the downloadable data file.

Report non-compliance

Small businesses, company officers and employees, and members of the public can report non-compliance to the Regulator. 

Contact the Regulator to report non-compliance. 

Complain about payment times

The Payment Times Reporting Regulator answers enquiries about the register and payment times reporting.

Complaints about a large business’s payment times to a small business, can be directed to the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman.

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