The Payment Times Reporting Regulator

The Payment Times Reporting Regulator was established under the Payment Times Reporting Act 2020 (Act). 

Role of the Regulator

Our core functions are to receive payment times reports from large businesses every 6 months and publish those reports. These functions are designed to encourage improved large business times by:

  • providing transparency on payment terms and performance
  • enabling small businesses to assess large businesses performance before agreeing to supply goods or services

It is not our role to mandate or enforce payment terms and times by large businesses.

We have a range of powers to ensure compliance by reporting entities, including powers to:

  • publish details of non-compliance
  • undertake an investigation or compliance audit
  • issue an infringement notice
  • pursue civil penalties. 

In addition to our core functions, we must assist large businesses to identity small businesses.

The Regulator publishes an annual report on the operation of the Payment Times Reporting Act 2020. This is part of the Treasury's annual report.

Read more about our approach to regulation.

Payment Times Reports Register

The Regulator maintains the Payment Times Reports Register. This public register shows how each reporting entity is paying their small business suppliers.

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