The Payment Times Reporting Regulator

The Payment Times Reporting Regulator administers the Payment Times Reporting Scheme. This includes monitoring and enforcing compliance with the scheme’s requirements.

Role of the Regulator

The Australian Government established the Payment Times Reporting Regulator on 1 January 2021. The role is currently based in the Treasury.

The Regulator:

  • administers the scheme
  • raises awareness and promotes compliance by engaging and educating businesses
  • uses compliance and enforcement powers where appropriate
  • works with other government bodies to collaborate and share information
  • reports on the scheme.

The Regulator publishes an annual report on the operation of the Payment Times Reporting Act 2020. This is part of the Treasury's annual report.

How the Regulator enforces compliance

The Regulator has powers to:

  • monitor compliance with the scheme
  • investigate suspected non-compliance
  • require compliance audits of businesses
  • issue infringement notices
  • apply to a court for civil penalty orders.

Payment Times Reports Register

The Regulator maintains the Payment Times Reports Register. This public register shows how each reporting entity is paying their small business suppliers.

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