Opting out of the SBI Tool

Small businesses can opt out of the Small Business Identification Tool for payment times reporting. 

The Payment Times Reporting Small Business Identification (SBI) Tool identifies which suppliers are considered to be a small business when a reporting entity prepares a payment times report. All reports include aggregate data and do not report on individual small businesses or individual invoices.

Small businesses are included in the tool by default, a small business can choose not to be identified as a small business in the tool, by opting out of the tool.

How to opt out of the tool

To opt out of the tool, a small business must register as a user of the Payment Times Reporting Portal.

Once logged into the portal, the small business can select to opt out of being listed as a small business in the SBI Tool. The small business can also opt back in if they want to be identified as a small business for payment times reporting at a later date.

For more information, read Information Sheet 6: Small Business Identification (SBI) Tool.

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