The Payment Times Reporting Scheme aims to improve payment outcomes for small businesses. Learn about the background to the scheme, how the scheme works and the role of the Payment Times Reporting Regulator.

About the scheme

The purpose of the Payment Times Reporting Scheme and how this site can help you.

How the scheme works

Get an overview of the reporting process, reporting tools and how the scheme is enforced.

Payment Times Reporting Regulator

Learn about the role of the Regulator and how we monitor and enforce compliance.


Understand the terms used in the Payment Times Reporting Scheme.

Regulatory resources

Find guidance to help comply with your obligations and understand how we administer the Act.

Also see

The portal

Read about the Payment Times Reporting Portal – where entities submit their reports.

The register

Find out about the Payment Times Reports Register – where you can access reported information.

Small business policy

Learn how we provide advice and oversight on small business policy issues and programs.