Troubleshooting in the Payment Times Reporting Portal

Read our common troubleshooting resolutions if you are experiencing issues accessing or using the Payment Times Reporting Portal

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Error when accessing the Payment Times Reporting Portal

If you are experiencing errors with accessing the Portal, you may need to do a hard reset of your browser i.e., clear your cache. This will ensure you have the latest version of the reporting Portal site. 

Common instructions for clearing your cache: 

If this does not resolve the issue, please try an alternate browser on another operating system. 


Setting up your Digital Identity and RAM

Setting up your Digital Identity

To access the Payment Times Reporting Portal, you need to log in with your Digital Identity. 

myGovID is the Australian Government’s Digital Identity app.

Set up your myGovID in 3 easy steps: 

  1.   Download the myGovID app from Google Play or the App Store to your compatible smart device. Only download the myGovID app from the official app stores. Non-genuine versions of the myGovID app may be available from other sources.
  2.   Enter your details – open the myGovID app and follow the prompts to enter your full name, date of birth and a personal email address. 
  3.   Verify your identity – to access the reporting portal you will need at least a Standard identity strength.  

Check the myGovID website for help setting up your myGovID. 

Check the Digital Identity website for more information on Digital Identity.

Setting up the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)

How you link your Digital Identity to an ABN using RAM depends on your role.

Principal authority

A principal authority is a person responsible for the entity. They need to link to the entity in RAM first. Find out how to link as a principal authority

Once linked, the principal authority can authorise others to access government online services like the reporting portal on behalf of the entity. When authorising others, make sure to select The Treasury (full access) under agency access. 

Authorised user or administrator  

An authorised user or administrator is someone who acts on behalf of an entity. 

A principal authority or authorisation administrator needs to authorise you before you can access the reporting portal on behalf of an entity. You will use your Digital Identity to log into RAM and accept the authorisation request.

Find out more about accepting an authorisation request.

Check the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) website for help linking. 


Fixing payment times reports to avoid error messages

If you are receiving an error message, you may not have followed the template instructions for: 

  • cell formatting
  • total calculations or 
  • data validations. 

Read the template instructions carefully before completing each field in the reporting template.

It has clear explanations and data requirements, including handy tips about how to make sure your report will validate in the Portal. 

Download the PTRS Reporting – Template Instructions from the Payment Times Reporting Portal.


The upload button is greyed out

If you’re ready to submit a report and the upload button is greyed out: 

  1.   Under Select Report(s) click the arrow next to the entity name.
  2.   Tick the box for the report you want to submit.
  3.   Check you’ve entered the entity’s financial year.


Different report statuses

After you submit your report in the portal, it will show one of the following statuses as it moves through each stage in the assessment process.

  • Submitted – means we’ve received the report you uploaded
  • Submitted - In Progress – means we’re screening your report
  • Approved – means we’ve approved your report.

Once your report status is submitted you don’t usually need to do anything else. After we approve your report, we'll publish it in the next release of the Payment Times Reports Register. During ordinary periods we publish payment times reports as soon as we can. In peak reporting periods, we may delay publication until we can release reports for the same reporting period together. 


Revising reports and details

Revising a report 

If you’ve identified an error in your report that is Approved in the portal, you can apply to submit a revised report. We can’t revise your existing report.
To do this, follow the steps below.

  1.   Prepare the revised report and responsible member declaration.
  2.   Log in to the reporting portal.
  3.   Click the Submit and View Payment Times Reports tile.
  4.   Click on the Completed tab.
  5.   Select the drop-down arrow under Entity Name.
  6.   Select the drop-down arrow next to the Reporting Period.
  7.   Click the Resubmit button.
  8.   Fill out the Rationale for Resubmission and Summary of changes for the revised report.
  9.   Click the Upload Completed Payment Times Report button.
  10.   Upload the revised report and declaration – you must upload both documents.
  11.   Complete the approver details and declaration.
  12.   Click the Submit button. 

The Regulator may publish the revised report on the Payment Times Reports Register if they’re satisfied it’s necessary to correct substantial errors or omissions.

You can only submit a revised report for one entity at a time. If you’re part of a group that previously reported in one template, you need to submit revised reports separately.


Change nominated contact details

If your nominated contact has changed, follow these steps to update details in the portal.

  1.   Log in to the reporting portal.
  2.   Click on the person icon at the top right and select Manage profile from the drop-down.
  3.   Proceed through the self-assessment questions to page 4.
  4.   At Your Entity’s Preferred Contact select Add new.
  5.   Update the contact details for your nominated contact.
  6.   Tick the declaration and save.