November Payment Times Reports Register release

28 November 2022

The Payment Times Reporting Regulator (the Regulator) has published another release of reports to the Payment Times Reports Register .

There are now nearly 24,500 reports on the register, with approximately 8,500 reports added in this update.

Changes to the register

The register has had some minor updates since the last release. These updates include four new columns in the register file, these are:

  • report type
  • original report date
  • revised report date
  • changes from prior report.

The register Dashboard now includes the reporting period start date, as well as the reporting period end date.

These changes are an important part of providing the public and small business with transparent information about the payment times reports submitted to the Regulator.

What’s next?

Next year, the Regulator will begin to issue register releases more frequently and increase the communications about the register to improve transparency around payment times reporting.

The register will transition from its current format to an unprotected and unformatted flat data file for improved accessibility and ease of analysis.

The next Regulator’s Update will be published in January 2023 and will include analysis and insights into payment practices now that many businesses have reported for a third time.

The updated register data file and the interactive register dashboard is available on the Payment Times Reports Register website .