Changes to the portal now available

16 June 2023

The regulator has made some system updates to the Payment Times Reporting Portal to improve the user experience. 

This short article outlines the changes, including what you need to be aware of next time you prepare a payment times report.  

Changes to reporting periods 

You no longer need to select a pre-defined reporting period when uploading a report or making an application.  

When submitting a report, you no longer need to submit it against a reporting period. Instead, reporting periods will only be captured in your report.  

After you upload your report, the system will automatically check the data and if a conflict in the dates is identified, you will receive a notification.  

For example the system will check:  

  • if there is a gap between your previous report and the report you’re submitting 

  • when the dates in the report do not cover a full 6-month period 

  • if data in the report is not in the correct format. 

In most cases, these notifications will encourage you to take another look at your data and confirm it is correct. However, if there is a significant discrepancy, you may be unable to upload the report and you’ll need to make some changes before submission. 

Other portal upgrades  

There are some other small changes designed to improve the way you interact with the system, including: 

  • a new home page tile that takes you directly to the upload reports page  

  • a new submission process that separates uploading your payment times report from uploading the Responsible Member Declaration 

  • a reminder to change your ‘nominated contact’ details if the email address is not up-to-date (e.g. from multiple auto-replies)  

  • if a ‘nominated contact’ cannot be reached, all correspondence (e.g. an automated email when a report is screened) will be sent to the person who last approved the report or application. 


Any feedback regarding changes to the portal can be directed through our Contact us form.