How to use the register dashboard

The register dashboard helps you to find and view payment times reports data. Understand the parts of the dashboard and how to use it.

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About the Payment Times Reports Register

The Payment Times Reports Register provides information from payment times reports. This includes large businesses’ payment times and terms for their small business suppliers.

The register is available as a downloadable Excel file. This has all the available payment times report information to date. There's detailed information about the register file on our What is in the register page.

You can also access register data using the interactive dashboard.

View register data in the dashboard

The dashboard has 2 pages, the Home page and the Payment times reports page.

Home page

The Home page lets you quickly search for business payment times information. You can also view average payment terms from all available reports so far – the average shortest, average longest and overall average term large businesses offer their small business suppliers.

Payment times reports page

The reports page shows payment information from a particular business, or you can select more than one business to compare their payment information. For each business the dashboard shows:

  • their procurement from small businesses
  • times taken to pay their small business suppliers
  • standard payment terms
  • supply chain and other arrangements.

You won’t find information on payments to individual small businesses. Reports only contain combined supplier payment information.

Show dashboard help

There are 2 types of help for each page in the dashboard.

  • Tips – reveal tips by hovering above each section in the dashboard. A '?' symbol indicates a tip is available.
  • Page help – click on ‘Page help’ at the top right of each page to see step-by-step instructions for that page. 

Find a business

You can search for specific reporting businesses in the dashboard. The most accurate way to do this is to search by the business's Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN). You can also search for the name of the business – but not the trading name.

If you don’t have these details, you can use ABN Lookup to find business names, ABNs and ACNs.

Provide feedback

We’ll be adding more features to the dashboard in coming months. These updates will help improve how you can find and view register data. If you’d like to give us feedback in the meantime, you can get in touch using our feedback and enquiry form.

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