About the register

The Payment Times Reports Register provides information that reporting entities – mostly large businesses – include in their payment times reports.

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What’s in the register

The Payment Times Reports Register provides payment times reports information in a downloadable Excel file. There's also an interactive dashboard that helps you to search for and view register data.

Information in the register is updated regularly and includes reporting entities' payment times and terms for small businesses.

You won’t find all Australian businesses in the register. It only provides report information from entities that are eligible for the Payment Times Reporting Scheme. These are mostly large businesses.

Find out more about what’s in the register.

Who can use the register

Anyone can use the register, including:

  • small and large businesses
  • members of the public
  • researchers
  • the media.

It’s free to use and you don’t need to create an account.

What we publish in the register

The reports published in the register provide information supplied by reporting entities. 

Where possible, we publish payment times reports as received from reporting entities. Reporting entities may provide details that give a small business context or insight into their payment terms or performance.

What we don't publish

In some cases, we may redact information provided in a payment times report. We may not publish certain information if publication is not in the public interest. This includes information that:

  • is defamatory, slanderous or blasphemous
  • provides comments or details of specific transactions or suppliers
  • contains personal information about individuals that aren’t associated with the reporting entity
  • is clearly erroneous or misleading
  • passes opinions or comments on the purpose, policies, or requirements for payment times reporting
  • is otherwise not in the public interest to publish.

If information isn’t in the public interest to publish, we may redact it in part or in full.

We may not publish some information in payment times reports because it doesn’t relate to payment terms or performance. For example, we collect contact details of the individual submitting reports for administrative purposes, but don’t publish these details.

Our Privacy policy has up-to-date information on what we do and don’t publish in the register.

When we publish

During ordinary periods we publish payment times reports as soon as we can.

In peak reporting periods, usually September and March each year, we receive a large number of reports. At these times we may delay publication until we can release reports for the same reporting period together.

Register dashboard

You can search for and view register data using the dashboard.

The dashboard has 2 pages.

  • Home – to quickly search for a business’s payment information or to view results from all reports.
  • Payment times reports – to view one or more business’s payment report information.

There’s more information about each page on our How to use the register dashboard page.

Dashboard help

There are 2 types of help in each page.

  • Tips – look for tips by hovering above each a section. A ‘?’ symbol indicates a tip.
  • Page help – click on ‘How to use this page’ at the top right of each page for more detailed step-by-step instructions.


We’re planning to add more features to the dashboard. If you’d like to provide feedback, get in touch using our feedback and enquiry form.

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